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Best Hashtags for Instagram in 2021

Best Hashtags for Instagram in 2021

Hashtags for Instagram are used to tag photos and find them. Usually, bloggers use 3-4 tags in one post to promote their content and reach a wide audience. A hashtag is a keyword consisting of a "#" sign and a word or phrase (everything is written together). Such keys are used in microblogs, social networks, including Instagram. They are intended to simplify the search for thematic content.

Is it important to use relevant hashtags through which social media users can find your content? Where can you get them? It's simple — we have already collected all the necessary information in this article. Bookmark not to lose it! We’ll tell you about the best hashtags for Instagram.

Table of contents:

What is the benefit of using a hashtag?

This text symbol is universal and can be used on any resource, for example, to create a series of posts or promote certain content. Most often, hashtags can be found on social networks. Using hashtags on Instagram, you can tag a post and make it easier for users to find information. The main advantage of the tag is the speed of search, the ability to make a selection on a specific topic, as well as make your content more popular.

What hashtags get the most likes, followers and comments?

Instagram hashtags in English are used by users from all over the world. If a blogger wants his publication to be found by a person from any state, he needs to use English-language keywords.

Hashtags for likes, comments and followers

There are three types of hashtags: high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency.

  • High-frequency hashtags if you want to quickly collect the first wave of likes. This is a hashtag category with over 100,000 posts. Your post wouldn’t stay in the feed of these hashtags for a long time, but you can attract the attention of active users with their help.
  • By using medium-frequency hashtags, you have a better chance of grabbing the attention of your target audience and even bringing comments and new subscribers to your account. This is a category of hashtags with a number of posts ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. It’s best to use these tags to define the core theme of your blog. 
  • Low-frequency hashtags should be compiled exclusively for your account. This is a hashtag category with up to 10,000 posts. You should be very selective because users who will go to your profile using tags from this category are the people interested in the topic of the post or even in buying your product.

However, there are hashtags, the use of which leads to the account getting into the shadow ban:

  • They shouldn't be used for likes: #like #likeslikes #likesmutually #likesinstagram #likesmutually  #like4like #likesforlikes
  • Do not use these hashtags to get followers: #follow, #subscribe, #subscribemutually #follow4follow #followforfollow #followme
  • You shouldn’t place the following hashtags for comments under the post: # comment # write me # comments # comment # commentmutually #comment #commentbelow #commentforcomment #commentalways  #commentback #pleasecomment #instagramanet  #comments4comments #commentbackteam

How do you get popular tags on Instagram?

We offer you the following scheme on how to find the best tags on Instagram.

  1. First of all, understand your audience

    Targeting the right audience is key to any marketing strategy, whether you follow content marketing, paid to advertise, or social media marketing. Especially when you’re using Instagram marketing for your brand, then you also need to clearly understand the target audience. Therefore, first, you need to define your target audience.

  2. Find your specific hashtags

    Trending Instagram hashtags are the best way when it comes to finding the right audience with an active interest in the content of a particular product/service. Search and follow hashtags for your industry or service. Here you will find targeted people who are interested in similar industry content.

    Copy and paste the hashtags that Instagram shows you, make a list of all the hashtags of your specific services, and use it accordingly for your future posts.
    How do you get popular tags on Instagram? - picture 1

  3. Segmenting your hashtags

    After searching for your primary keyword, you'll see a long list of relevant hashtags. Don't forget to add these too, these are hashtags related to the main one, so don't ignore them.

    You don't have to use only those who show good search results and are at the top, you should understand which one is right for your content. Segment your hashtags into different groups and apply them to relevant posts.

  4. Use some IG hashtag research tools

    Instagram itself is the best source for finding the right hashtags for your content. But there are some third-party tools you can use to find the right hashtags for your next campaign. Use such dedicated tools to research hashtags. The main advantages of using these tools are that you have the opportunity to do a more detailed analysis.

    For example, you can see hashtag trends and their data, and you can also see the performance of specific hashtags over time to see how many of those hashtags to use in a post.
    How do you get popular tags on Instagram? - picture 2

    If you want to get a positive boost with your hashtag strategy, then it's best to use some hashtag generation tools with additional data and statistics.

    Here are the suggested Instagram hashtag generation tools for you:

    • Later's Instagram hashtag tool;
    • All-hashtag;
    • Ingramer.

    How do you get popular tags on Instagram? - picture 3

    These tools are the best option if you want to learn more about hashtags. All tools provide their special way of analysis and data. Choose the right tool for your campaign. Also, tools like these inform you about the expected interactions with a particular hashtag, which means potential reach and the impression you can make after using it.

  5. Competitor analysis

    All of the steps which are reviewed previously are the common way to find the best Instagram hashtags that most businesses and brands follow. You can of course use the same thing, but if you're just starting with your Instagram marketing and don't know which hashtags to use in your content, then this is the option for you.

    Instead of picking random hashtags and using them in your posts, look for a few working hashtags your competitors are already using. Check what type of content they post and especially what hashtags they use.

  6. Use different hashtags and analyze their performance

    Not all hashtags serve the same purpose. Trending Instagram hashtags are similar to seasonal ones, with the ability to maximize the reach of your posts in a short period. It can range from festival hashtags to new product launches, or even involve some controversial topic. The most trending hashtag may have a short lifespan but gives the chance to get more followers.

Best instagram hashtags

Instagram English tags are used by users from all over the world.

First of all, it is worth understanding that posts will gain a lot of likes if the hashtags are selected according to the topic. Don’t spam with high-frequency tags and expect large coverage. It’s better to have organic hashtags under the posts. This is the main rule, that will ensure you attract new followers, likes and comments.

Don’t forget about the shadow ban — we have already mentioned it above. Using the following hashtags can lead to the fact that your posts wouldn’t be displayed:

#me #love #instadaily #selfie #photooftheday #fun #followme #smile #summer #swag #instalike #igers #tbt #picoftheday # follow4follow #fashion # like4like #follow #instagood #amazing #cute #friends #bestoftheday #happy #instatag # l4l #beautiful #likeforlike

Tips how to use hashtags on Instagram

Use hashtags in Instagram Stories

Hashtag pages have an Instagram Stories icon in the top left corner. Just click on it to see a series of publications in stories marked with a hashtag. You can add hashtags to Stories using a special sticker. You can also use hashtags with the inserted text on the photo tool.

Use hashtags in Instagram Stories

Avoid banned hashtags

When prohibited content is associated with a hashtag, the Instagram administration can ban the hashtag.

You can use it. But when clicking on it, the user can only see the most popular posts. Recent posts and stories associated with the hashtag are not displayed.

The only way to know if a hashtag is prohibited is to check it before using it. Check out new hashtags every time before using them. Banned hashtags can significantly reduce engagement.

Don't use inappropriate or repetitive hashtags

Simply copying the same list of hashtags into every post is a huge time saver. It can also lead to a significant fine, which is directly spelled out in the Instagram rules.

The content must fully comply with the declared hashtag. After all, the main purpose of using tags is to get the right people to see your post. To do so, you need to find and select the correct hashtags for each case and alternate them.

Understand how hashtag pages work

Hashtag pages are a good way to advertise content to a new audience. For example, someone is viewing posts, and you have the most recent post, then the user will see it in the Recent section.

The less popular a hashtag is, the easier it is to be at the top of a section. It is sorted based on the date the posts were originally published. If you add hashtags as a result of editing the caption or adding comments, then this will not contribute to moving up the top.

Make sure the hashtag can't be read in multiple ways

Hashtags are often a string of words glued together. This can create some problems when it is not clear where one-word ends and the next begins.

Sometimes brands are very eager to take advantage of a popular hashtag without fully understanding the context. In some cases, this leads to a complete PR-disaster.

Use statistics to see which tags perform better

Having an Instagram business profile allows you to take advantage of post statistics. With its help, you will find out how many impressions a post received through the hashtags.

To do this, select the post, and then click on the Statistics button on the left under the post. You will see all the data for this post, including the hashtag impressions.

Save hashtags for the future using

If you use the same set of hashtags, then save them in your notes. This will reduce the time of their recruitment in the future.

Never overuse the same hashtags. Just create a few different hashtag lists that relate to the different types of content you post. Make a list of hashtags in the note app that you can copy into your posts.

You will see how such a simple tip saves time. You don't have to search for new hashtags for every post and strain your imagination. It also gives you the ability to check which posts are already published with the given hashtags.

Just remember that all the Instagram hashtags you use in your post should be consistent with the content of the post and shouldn't be repeated often. No need to copy and paste the entire saved list into every post.

Service Postoplan has a cool feature. You can save hashtags. Don't waste time on hashtags every time you post — just click on the ones you need and they will be added to the post text.

First, you need to click on the Managing hashtags button.

Save hashtags for the future using - picture 1

Enter in the appeared window the hashtags that you often use and click Save Changes.

Save hashtags for the future using - picture 2

Now you have a group of hashtags. To select the one you want, just click on it.

Save hashtags for the future using - picture 3

With Postoplan, you can schedule and automate posts on different social networks. It is a handy tool that will allow you to promote your business on social media and make it popular. We have prepared a lot of opportunities for users to conveniently work with content.

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