Scheduled posting on Instagram

To start planning a post, click on “Publish a post”:

To add text, click on the “Publish a post” field:

To add an emoticon to the text, click on the emoji icon:

Choose the most suitable emoji and click on it:

To add an image or video to the post, click on the appropriate icon:

Now, you can preview your Instagram post by clicking on the corresponding social network icon in the ''Preview'' section on the right of the page:

Choose the post category by clicking on the arrow in the ''Сhoose a category'' section:

Choose the most suitable category and click on it:

Then, put a check on the left of the account/stories, where the post will be published:

Finally, choose the date for publishing your scheduled post on Instagram by clicking on the appropriate cell:

Select the desired date and click on it:

To choose the exact time for publishing, click on the appropriate cell and enter the required numbers:

Then click on "Schedule":

Publication life hacks: Instagram

Make your work on Instagram easier, more productive and efficient with these life hacks:

Block comments using keywords

Protect your account from negative comments by filtering comments.

How to do this:

- Go to your profile and click on the three lines in the top right corner;

- Click on "Settings", select "Privacy", then select "Comments";

- In the "Filters" section, enable the "Hide offensive comments" and "Manual filter" functions;

- In the field that appears, enter the words/phrases/numbers/smiles that you do not want to see in the comments.

This also applies to already existing comments - all words/phrases/numbers/smiles you specify will be deleted.

Hide uninteresting publications 

If you are not interested in a person's stories or posts, but for some reason you don't want or can't unsubscribe from him, you can hide his publications from your feed.

How to do this:

- Open the feed and find any post from the person whose publications you want to hide;

- There are three dots to the right of the profile name - click on them;

- In the opened menu, click on "Switch to mute mode";

- Then select and click on one of the two options: "Temporarily Block Posts" or "Temporarily Block Posts and Stories".

Change the filter order and/or delete unnecessary filters from the list

Instagram allows you to move your favorite filters to the top of the list.

How to do this:

- Upload a photo to make it possible to add filters;

- Go to the end of the list of filters and you will see the menu "Manage filters" - click on it;

- Then you will see a list of all filters in the opened window:

a) To move the filter, click on the two-line icon to the left of it and while holding the icon, move the filter through the list.

b) To remove the filter from the list, click on the tick to the right of it. To add a filter back to the list, click on the empty circle to the right of it.

Share stories on Facebook 

With Instagram you can configure the automatic sharing of stories to Facebook.

How to do this:

- Click on the three lines in the upper right corner of your profile;

- Go to the Settings section;

- Then click on "Privacy";

- Select "Story";

- Go to "Sharing" and enable "Share your story to Facebook".

What video formats Instagram supports

If you shoot a video on your phone and upload it to a social network, you won't have any problems with the format, but if you create video clips for Instagram on your PC, you need to know all the nuances.

Supported video sizes:

- The square is 600x600;

- Landscape - 600x315;

- Vertical orientation - 600x750 and 481x600.

Supported aspect ratios: 1:1; 1:9; 4:5.

Supported video formats: 3g2, 3gp, 3gpp; asf; av; dat; m4v; mkv; mod; mov; mp4, mpeg4; nsv; ogm, ogv; qt; tod; ts; vob; wmv.