Scheduled posting on Twitter

To start planning a post, click on “Publish a post”:

To add text, click on the “Publish a post” field:

To add emoticons to the text, click on the emoji icon:

Choose the most suitable emoji and click on it:

To add an image or video to the post, click on the appropriate icon:

Now, you can preview your Twitter post by clicking on the corresponding social network icon in the ''Preview'' section on the right of the page:

Choose the post category by clicking on the arrow in the ''Сhoose a category'' section:

Choose the most suitable category and click on it:


Then, put a check on the left of the account, where the post will be published:

Finally, choose the date for publishing your scheduled post on Twitter by clicking on the appropriate cell:

Select the desired date and click on it:

To choose the exact time for publishing, click on the appropriate cell and enter the required numbers:

Then click on "Schedule":

Publication life hacks: Twitter

Make working on Twitter easier, more productive, and more efficient with these life hacks:

Divide your subscriptions into lists. If you're subscribed to a large number of people, categorize them to easily follow their tweets.

How to do this: 

Go to the "Lists" section and click on "Create" a list. Then, fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields and check "Make private", if you don't want your lists to be visible to others.

View the actions feed of a preferred user. If you're wondering what a person does besides tweeting, go to his or her profile, and then to the "Likes" section.

Mute the tweets from people you read. If some of your subscribers are too "sociable" and post 100 tweets per hour, you can mute them.

How to do this: 

- Go to the feed;

- Find the post of the person you want to mute;

-- Click on the “down arrow” at the upper right of the post and select "Mute".

Turn off retweets. If you no longer want to see the strange retweets of your subscriptions, turn them off. 

How to do this: go to the user's profile, click on the three points to the right of his avatar, and select "Turn off retweets".