Alternative to Sprout Social

Scheduled posting services were invented in order to automatize work with social networks. And Sprout Social is not an exception. But is it really all that good?

You should compare everything

Fortunately for those who work in the field of SMM, there are auto-posting services on social networks where you can work for free without fee plans and time limits.



The best alternative for Sprout Social—Postoplan. It appeared not too long ago but has already managed to garner a lot of attention due to the fact that it is the only service that provides its users with so many free functions.

According to the creators of the most generous service for posting on social networks, the decision to create Postoplan appeared for a reason. The official website of the service says that they once used one of the auto-posting services, which was disappointing. There is no information about what kind of service it was and what exactly disappointed them, but thanks to that fact, the world soon got a revolutionary project. Postoplan posed a challenge all services for managing social networks!

While Sprout Social limits its users to get only a 30-day free trial costs no less than $99 for each month after, its alternative provides people with the opportunity to manage accounts on social networks for free and without time limits.

People working on Postoplan pay only if they get PRO accounts that give them advanced functions. Users pay max $1.9 per month for one PRO account, while the cost of the plan on Sprout Social is about $249 per month. Make your own conclusions.

If we talk about the number of connected accounts, Sprout Social looks terrible compared to its alternative. The thing is that working on Sprout Social, you can connect maximum 10 accounts, and Postoplan doesn’t limit you in any way: 50, 100 — connect as many as you want.

However, what if you want to add more users to your project? There is no such function on Sprout Social… but you can find it on Postoplan. Yes, you can add an unlimited number of users.

What are other benefits of the alternative of Sprout Social?

We have done some research and put together a table comparison for Sprout Social and its alternative with data on functions and services that are in great demand among users of similar services:

Service/functional Postoplan
  There are messaging apps
There are messaging apps
  Cyclical content publishing
Cyclical content publishing
Yes, there is recurrent posting
  Affiliate program
Affiliate program
$50 for registration to the internal account
Payments from $100 for active account registration
  Service design setup
Service design setup
Yes, there are themes for comfortable work

Talking about the interface languages, Sprout Social is also weaker than its alternative, because it has only 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. When you use Postoplan, you can switch between 9 languages. In addition to these 5, there is also German, Dutch, Russian, and Ukrainian.

You can manage Sprout Social accounts on social networks, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Among the supported platforms of Postoplan that are used by Sprout Social, Google My Business, and Telegram messaging app are also supported.


Sprout Social was created in 2010, and for 10 years it hasn’t done anything for its users, canceling fee plans, most of which people don’t even use. In fact, we pay a lot for using a well-known service that doesn’t let us to work without complicated fee plans. Why do we need this? Why do we waste our money?


Postoplan is the best alternative to Sprout Social because when you are working with it, you pay only the minimum amount of money and ONLY for what you really use.