Postoplan vs Sprout Social

There are many services for automatic posting on social networks, but few people can boast that they are completely satisfied with the service they use.

Everything is relative

Fortunately for those who work in the field of SMM, there are other social posting services out there that provide you with all the necessary functionality for free, without paid plans and trial time limits.



Perhaps the best alternative to Sprout Social is POSTOPLAN. It is a relatively new kid on the block but has already managed to garner a lot of attention thanks to being the only service that provides its users with so many free features.

The service's functionality has been specifically tuned to provide the best user experience, as well as to maximize the efficiency for every user. This is acknowledged by its WhatsApp posting feature. Millions of WhatsApp group admins were eager to see the postponed posting function — which is now only available in POSTOPLAN.

According to the creators of the most “generous” service for social posting, the decision to develop Postoplan made for a reason. On the official website of the service it is reported that one day they needed to use a posting management service and were disappointed. There is no information about which service it was and what exactly disappointed them, but that incident prompted them to come up with POSTOPLAN– a social media management service for everyone!

While Sprout Social limits users to only 30 days of free trial and charges at least $99 each month thereafter, POSTOPLAN provides the opportunity to manage your company’s social pages for free without any time limits.

POSTOPLAN users have to pay only if they wish to get VIP accounts, which come with advanced functionality. The maximum VIP fee a user can pay is only $9.9 per month, while the cost of the maximum fee plan in Sprout Social costs $ 249 per month. Decide for yourself.

If you want to add more users to your Sprout Social account, it lags behind an alternative. The thing is that, while working in Sprout Social, you can connect a maximum of 10 accounts, and in POSTOPLAN you have no limits: connect 50 or 100 accounts – do whatever you want.

What if you want to add more users to your project? Sprout Social doesn't provide it, while Postoplan ... That's right, Postoplan does it! Moreover, you can simply add an unlimited number of users.

Other Sprout Social alternative advantages

We have done some research and put together a table comparison for Sprout Social and its alternative regarding most useful social media management features:

Service/functionality Postoplan
  Support for messaging apps
Support for messaging apps
  Recycling old posts
Recycling old posts
Yes. It has a recurrent posting
  Affiliate program
Affiliate program
$50 per signup
$100 and more to PayPal, bank card, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, ePayments, BTC
  Interface design
Interface design
Yes, cool themes for comfortable work

When it comes to language versions, once again Sprout Social loses to the alternative, since it has only 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. POSTOPLAN offers 10, including German, Mexican, Dutch, Russian, and Ukrainian in addition to the same 5 offered by SS.

In addition to the social platforms you can manage through Sprout Social – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. POSTOPLAN also supports Google My Business, the Telegram and Whatsapp messaging apps.


Sprout Social service was created in 2010, but it didn’t reciprocate its users for the last 10 years by canceling paid plans, some of which most people do not even use. In fact, we overpay for the opportunity to use a well-known service, which doesn’t offer free plans. Why do we need this? Why waste your money?


POSTOPLAN may be the best alternative to Sprout Social, since it allows users to pay only the minimum amount and ONLY for the features they really use.

That's why POSTOPLAN has earned numerous awards and is being trusted by 15,000+ companies from 140 countries.