Postoplan vs Hootsuite

If you manage your social pages with Hootsuite and you are not satisfied with a fee of $599 per month for the maximum plan, we'll let you know our service that you can use with all social platforms totally free!

POSTOPLAN became an alternative to Hootsuite. You can try POSTOPLAN absolutely free of charge and without linking your card to the account. With Hootsuite, you get only the first 30 days for free.
So if you’re not completely satisfied with that service in any way, don’t forget to cancel before that!


The Hootsuite alternative won’t cause you such inconvenience. Now, POSTOPLAN charges only for VIP account, which provide users with advanced features. We recall that the minimum Hootsuite account fee is $19 per month, i.e., is more expensive than POSTOPLAN, which offers 15-day VIP account for only $5.99, and 30-day VIP for $9.99.

Okay, what else is POSTOPLAN better than Hootsuite?

Being able to do your work for free is not the only advantage POSTOPLAN offers.

Hootsuite lets you post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. While this alternative to Hootsuite currently doesn’t support YouTube, it does publish to Google My Business and the Telegram and WhatsApp messaging apps.

It's worth mentioning POSTOPLAN is the first (and currently the only) online service in the world that offers automatic posting for the WhatsApp platform.

The most social pages you can manage with one Hootsuite account is 35, and that will set you back for $599 every month. Using POSTOPLAN, you can connect as many social pages and messenger profiles as you need – this platform has no restrictions.

POSTOPLAN is trusted by 15,000+ companies worldwide, which includes HYUNDAI, GMX, Art Creation, VIVALDI, and many others.

The table below outlines other differences between Hootsuite and its alternative POSTOPLAN:

Service/functionality Postoplan
  Support for messaging apps
Support for messaging apps
  Number of users (min plan – max plan)
Number of users (min plan – max plan)
  Postings organized by category (min plan – max plan)
Postings organized by category (min plan – max plan)
  Recycling old posts
Recycling old posts
Yes. It has a recurrent posting
  Affiliate program
Affiliate program
Yes, but currently unavailable

Another nice advantage of POSTOPLAN in comparison to Hootsuite is nine interface design themes to choose from. Hootsuite simply doesn’t have this option.

POSTOPLAN also provides users with ideas for posts: its publication calendar includes more than 700 news hooks (at least two for each day of the year). Hootsuite lacks this function.


Using POSTOPLAN, you won’t necessarily have to pay for service plans, some of the functions of which you do not even use.

The Hootsuite alternative is in demand among users precisely because you can work in it for free and without time limits.


In addition, POSTOPLAN offers many convenient features for convenient work with social platforms unavailable in Hootsuite. So why pay more? Isn’t it better to manage your social pages using the alternative to Hootsuite for free (or for a small fee) and spend the money you save on developing your company? The answer is obvious.