Alternative to Agorapulse

Some users have gotten used to the scheduled posting services they use for their work. That’s why they continue to suffer from all kinds of inconveniences and pay a lot for fee plans when they don’t use even a half of their functions. Either there is no desire to change anything in the working process, or none of them have heard about an alternative to Agorapulse.


An ideal alternative to Agorapulse

The best alternative to Agorapulse is a system where the user will be charged significantly less as low as zero.

Just think about it, for managing social networks while using Agorapulse, people need to pay from €100 to €399, depending on the chosen plan. Isn’t it better to invest this money in your own personal needs?

And what can we say about the alternatives? Users are floored by the auto-posting service of Postoplan. Just imagine, while Agorapulse offers its users a 15-day trial version, you can work on Postoplan for free for an unlimited amount of time! But it is not the only benefit…

We present you a table comparison of Agorapulse and its alternative, which presents one of the most important functions for promoting social networks:

Service/functional Agorapulse Postoplan
There are messaging apps
There are messaging apps
  Scalability during the buying of social media accounts (restrictions: min tariff - max tariff)
Scalability during the buying of social media accounts (restrictions: min tariff - max tariff)
10(+1 €15) - 60 (+1 €4)
Yes, the ability to buy any number of accounts and all this in automatic mode
  The number of users (min fee – max fee)
The number of users (min fee – max fee)
2(+1 €30) - 20 (+1 €15)
Unlimited for all types of accounts
  The Division into projects/workspaces (min fee – max fee)
The Division into projects/workspaces (min fee – max fee)
Yes, unlimited projects for all types of accounts
  Affiliate program
Affiliate program
Only for selected users

Agorapulse compared to its alternative

There are 4 interface languages that are available for Agorapulse users (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish), while on Postoplan there are 9 available languages. In addition to four, there is German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Using Agorapulse you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Users of Postoplan on YouTube can’t post for now, but many other platforms are available for them. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can also manage Telegram, Pinterest, Google My Business.

In addition, Postoplan users can always find something to make their subscribers happy because the service has a calendar of publications where you can find a collection of more than 700 news hooks (at least 2 for each day). This function is not provided by Agorapulse.

The alternative to Agorapulse gives the opportunity to use different interface themes. There are 9 ready-made themes to suit any taste. There is no function like that for Agorapulse.

Let’s make a conclusion

The alternative to Agorapulse has more benefits compared to Agorapulse because it gives the possibility to manage your accounts on social networks for free and without time limits. In addition, users can connect as many accounts as they want to Postoplan, unlike Agorapulse where you are limited.

You will need to pay a maximum of $1.9 per month on Postoplan for a single connected account. But it is only in the case that you are buying a PRO status for your account. It provides your account many advanced features.


As a result, using Postoplan for your job is more convenient, efficient, and economical than Agorapulse!