Affiliate program

Join our POSTOPLAN affiliate program! Joining is easy and requires no additional technical skills.
It’s a perfect opportunity to tell your audience about great online services and earn extra income at the same time.

Invite your friends and make some real money

We have a two-tier remuneration system:

You get 50% of the first purchase of each of your referrals plus 30 days of VIP status for free (if you are the owner of Lifetime VIP, you get 100 posts instead of 30 days of VIP status).
You also get 10% of the first purchase of the 2nd-level referrals.
This way, you can receive passive income.

The rules are simple: you don't have to sell anything, just share the great service we provide for managing social networks and messengers.


  • we do not stretch the payment out for months; you get the highest possible payouts right away. Higher rates apply to a volume of 50 VIP accounts per day purchased by your referrals.
  • VIP accounts refers to the number of users who paid for VIP status.
  • you can use all types of traffic sources except contextual advertising for the POSTOPLAN brand.
  • the minimum payout is $100

Why promote POSTOPLAN and not something else?

The simplest and most profitable system for benefiting from partners is for purchasing VIP accounts!

It is not difficult to attract traffic to a convenient and profitable system for working with social networks and messengers. It's easy to promote.

POSTOPLAN is a multi-lingual platform so that you can attract users from different countries.

The affiliate program has 2 levels. You can earn both on the purchases of your referrals and on the purchases of those who were invited by your referrals.

See your dashboard for a detailed description of the terms and conditions.: You will always have 7 FREE accounts