Affiliate program of the

Join our POSTOPLAN affiliate program! It is easy to join and requires no additional technical skills.
It’s a perfect opportunity for you to tell your audience about cool online services and earn extra income at the same time.

We pay for registration up to $100

You will receive $0.40 for the active registration of whoever follows your link. It is very easy to attract users because you do not need to sell anything, just to show a free service for working with social networks and messengers. It significantly increases conversion.


  • we do not stretch out the payment for months. You get the highest possible payouts right then and there. Higher rates starting at 50 active registrations per day.
  • active registration is a user registration in which the purpose is to use the system POSOPLAN and not to “fake” activity. Only aimed at receiving affiliate payouts (does not apply to referrals).
  • you can use all types of traffic sources except contextual advertising for the POSTOPLAN brand.
  • the minimum payout is $100

Why promote POSTOPLAN, not something else?

The simplest and most profitable system for partners. Money just for active account registration!

It is easy to attract traffic to the free system with social networks and messengers. It’s easy to promote.

POSTOPLAN works in several languages, and you can attract users from different countries.

The affiliate program has 2 levels, and you can earn on both registrations and referrals.

A detailed description of the conditions you can find in the dashboard : You will always have 8 FREE accounts