A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
  • Instagram Feed and Stories
  • Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Twitter Accounts
  • LinkedIn Companies and Personal Profiles
  • Telegram Groups and Channels
  • whatsapp Groups
  • GMB Business Accounts
  • slack Channels
Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system
POSTOPLAN is an award-winning service trusted by 100,000+ specialists and companies from 147 countries

Social Media Marketing May be Effective!

Do you have several pages on different social platforms?
We know the problems you’re facing.
Most importantly, we'll help solve them!
sad problem
happy solution
Maintaining accounts on social networks brings in a few clients. You make posts, but your number of subscribers increases only slightly and you don't gain clients.
Regular publishing with the POSTOPLAN system is key to generating 74% more traffic and subscribers from social networks.
Social media marketing is spontaneous. Account posts are made when you have time for them and are not a priority.
With POSTOPLAN you can schedule a time for posting when the target audience is most interested. The system will publish your posts without you needing to do anything. Automatically.
Due to the uneven placement of content on your accounts, the natural reach of publications decreases.
With POSTOPLAN, your content is automatically published and seen by an increasing number of people. With regular posting, your reach will increase by 30-70%: for free.
Using the POSTOPLAN system, you can get:
up to 90% savings on social media marketing with free accounts on POSTOPLAN
up to 40% customer growth thanks to increased publication coverage, with no additional ad spending
Alejandro Arriola Tello
Alejandro Arriola Tello
Arriola & Asociados
Socio Fundador

"With POSTOPLAN, I can control and schedule all my posts. It lets me manage my time and all my social networks using the same tool. I was able to reduce the time I spent on scheduling and analyzing data by more than 70%." Read the full review

We Create Outstanding Opportunities
for Social Media Marketing

An unlimited number of Social Media accounts
That's right, add any number of accounts in social networks and messengers
Two cool graphics editors to make your posts pop
Simple and with a constructor, and a library with 5,000+ photos
Post to multiple accounts at once
Choose content and post it everywhere at once. It's convenient and saves time
Not only well-known social networks
Google My Business, Telegram and WhatsApp compatibility
An unlimited number of users
Add colleagues, clients, or employees to work together
Preview publications
Post content and see in advance how it looks on each platform
Communicate with subscribers in your Social Inbox
No more switching between accounts. Everything is available in one place
Over 700 calendar post ideas and suggestions
The POSTOPLAN calendar has several ready-to-use news hooks for every day
An unlimited number of projects
Add accounts to different projects to give different people access to them
Integration with Slack and WordPress
And with other services you need for more comfortable work
Mass scheduling
Easily schedule your content for months ahead
... and many other cool features
A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • GMB
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system

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Social Media Marketing Need not be Boring!

Black text on a white background is unoriginal.
Change the interface color whenever you want.
  • Default
  • Dark
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Dark violet
  • + Even more themes in your account
Postoplan default
Postoplan dark
Postoplan red
Postoplan green
Postoplan purple
Postoplan dark violet
+ Even more themes in your account
Craig Paterson
Craig Paterson
Cohorts by Design

“There are also some nice touches like being able to change the interface theme between 10 different themes so that you can go darker (my personal favorite), lighter, or even more colorful. And there are daily suggestions for post content available if you want some extra inspiration.” Read the full review

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What You Get From Social Media Marketing with POSTOPLAN

Eliminate stress

POSTOPLAN will notify you of the status of each scheduled post or message. No need to worry about whether your post has been published or not.

Save time

Scheduled posting with POSTOPLAN facilitates a smooth workflow to free your precious time.

Automate your work

For example, set up a post about a promotion to be published every Friday. Our system will do the rest.

Create content easily

POSTOPLAN offers post samples and templates as well as news hooks for every day. Content creation has never been so fast!

What You Get From Social Media Marketing with POSTOPLAN
Ricardo Acosta González
Ricardo Acosta González
ACO consultores

"I can plan posts and no longer have to worry about them. I also have the opportunity to create them all in just a few hours and then forget about them for the rest of the week. Another advantage is that I can synchronize all my social pages and manage them from one place, which is very important for me." Read the full review

You're in good company


POSTOPLAN is trusted by over 100,000+ specialists as well as companies from 147 countries
Attract your audience attention and bring marketing to the next level

Let Our Clients' Feedback Speak for Us

Katerina B
I'm new to POSTOPLAN and I love it already!

With POSTOPLAN I can easily manage not only one but six social networks simultaneously. This means I don't have to login or even open my other social accounts — I can do the whole job in one place.

My opinion: great organizer

With POSTOPLAN I can make my life easier. It helps me use many social pages in one application and save hours and hours of my time. I have all the important notices in my pocket.

Adriana H
SMM manager
Very useful service

I want to share my experience of using POSTOPLAN. Very helpful service! Now we have posts published regularly, and I don’t have to worry about anything. And I like it is very convenient to see the statistics in your account.

More reviews here
Sergi Truñó Cunill
Sergi Truñó Cunill
Dynamics UPC Manresa
Marketing Coordinator

"It's even better that the system lets us make scheduled posts. This helps a lot because they all can be created at the same time. Also, the scheduling can be done within seven days using the basic POSTOPLAN version, so you can easily schedule posts for the whole week. This is a good solution for well-coordinated team marketing." Read the full review

Social media automation software to make your work easier

POSTOPLAN is a social media management service that will make your workdays better. Delayed posting will allow you to:

Benefits of social media management tools

Our social media management app has two different packages, a FREE and a VIP.
The FREE version offers standard solutions, while the paid version offers more unique ones. You can use the 7-day trial period to see if the service is right for you.
The free status The free status allows you to:
The VIP status The VIP status allows you to:
use an unlimited number of accounts on 6 social networks and messengers
use an unlimited number of accounts on 9 social networks and messengers
have a schedule-ahead period of 7 days
have an unlimited number of recurring tasks and a schedule-ahead period
use an Image generator
add videos and GIFs to your posts
add frequently used hashtags and many other features
add more than one image to your posts and so on

The right platform for simplified social media management

With help of POSTOPLAN, you can manage all your social media content from one interface. You will see scheduled posts for all your accounts in one browser window.

This convenient social media management tool displays exactly how a post will look on the feed.

Post scheduling lets you focus on other work and not be distracted by manual posting.

Manage social media in one place with the POSTOPLAN App!

Other useful tools for managing social media are “Statistics” and “Roles and projects”. The first one will help you view post statistics. This information is only available for posts published by using POSTOPLAN.

The second one helps you assign roles on projects, make your employees post managers. Delegation of duties in the preparation of the content will also facilitate your everyday work.
A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • GMB
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system